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Raven and Zombie greet you for the first time

So... you've clicked on the first comic. Check out that art. Ouch! But hey, it was another time of actual print comics and a totally different style.

Interesting facts about comic #1:

Zombie's disputed extra arm scratches are present... they later heal and no longer show

Raven's head and body don't change size... that's just feathers. Yes... feathers, I think I will use this excuse on all the Raven differences.

I'm an aquarius too!

Raven reveals why his eye is white!

I first added text to this strip because I thought there was an important point to add here but then forgot.

Update: this is not the actual genesis of R&Z, that occurred during a committee meeting of the Monash University's "Society of Physics, Astronomy, and Maths" when it seemed useful to assist in clarifying the new polo shirt design with a model, in this case Zombie.



Test next and prev comic buttons... in work

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