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Raven and Zombie is just a comic about Raven and Zombie trying to get by in the world. It is merely an unfortunate happenstance that one of the two protagonists is seriously cliche by this point but please don't hold that against them. Started way back in a time almost forgotten as mini-comics of ten strips a time, Raven and Zombie are back (after a short break of seven years) and this time they're going full internet digital! Fitts will be kicking R&Z along alone for the foreseen future but who knows what the future will bring.

About the comic

Fitts is a bearded rocket dentist who who spends a lot of time preaparing to fix things in case they break. He jumps from hobby to hobby like some sort of crazed kangaroo, right now he spends a lot of time working on comics and other shiny things. He lives and works in Bremen, Germany and once built a ceiling lamp.


Tom is a bearded pro-programmer who does digital wizardry and stuff. He's serious when it comes to gaming and working on creating games in his spare time. He made the move from Melbourne (rival city A) to Sydney (rival city B - which is not as good as rival city A) in Australia, please don't hold it against him. However, feel free to hold it against him that he's not making any comics at the moment!

About the creators

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