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Welcome to Raven and Zombie

Almighty Internets, please accept these humble comic offerings upon your altar sometime again soonish somehow. For now, R&Z is on a bit of a break while I work on other projects but I'll be trying to work out how to bring it back in a sensible way again this year. How that will be I'm unsure but if you've got ideas, let me know via the facebook page.
Oftentimes, text on web pages is just there to make it look cool and trendy
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There was important info here but now... it's just place filler. I've changed the page all up so that it's a bit easier to get around. I hope it helps!


You can still click the strips to see words sometimes underneath them. I will not promise words, but there is a succint possibility.


By the way, does anyone use the word trendy anymore?


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